Monthly Archive: February, 2014

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So by now you see I take pictures of some very random or ordinary things – but its what I love to fill my life with beautiful ordinary things – to feel so… Continue reading

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Looking forward never back is tough, especially when we have come through something painful or difficult.  We seem to like to dwell on it, ponder it, make sure we can’t change or fix… Continue reading

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So when snow comes to the north country – it can be downright beautiful and peaceful.  Yet it can be lonely too…its so quiet at times I have just stood in my yard… Continue reading

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From the seemingly small to overwhelming with just a spark…interesting.  Yet from my words I can build up or tear down with just a slip of syllables across my tongue I can do… Continue reading

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As the new year unwraps itself for us, so we too must shed layers of childish things and give way to broader thinking as an adult.  My prayer for us this year is… Continue reading

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Winter here may be chilly but at least when I see a cross I know which side I am on….how about you????

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Matthew 13 is the parable of the sower/farmer and several other parables but the first one is how the seeds the farmer plants falls in different soils, my prayer is that those reading… Continue reading

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So today is a beautiful day in the north woods.  Enjoy.

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Random moment frozen in time, these still pictures just are beautiful captures of a click on the clock.  And with one simple click its saved for future use or to discard if just… Continue reading