I took photography back in the 80’s when 35 mm cameras were the top of the line, digital was not even being used yet.  But in just a short 10 years I had my first digital camera, my kids were little and it was used all the time to capture memories of the girls growing up, now another 10 years + have past and I am on my 2nd digital camera yet this one I have had over 10 years and still love the shots I can capture with it.  Some are great shots others well lets just say my recycling bin on my computer does not ever run out of work.  I take more pictures than I will ever use in a lifetime but then that flower or tree may never be there again so I feel compelled to preserve it.  My God has blessed me with a fantastic husband, three beautiful children and a few special angels that I will be able to hold in heaven one day.  Our lives are full of hard work and long days since we ranch, work  and raise registered quarter horses.  So these clicks take place all over our ranch.  Enjoy.

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