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Feeling a little crushed tonight, then a friend posted something to lighten my spirit, and so I went and created this to lighten hers!!!! Advertisements

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  Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted, I took this last fall, and just got the chance to cruise through my pictures – this is one I really wanted to share as… Continue reading

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This is for a dear friend going through a rough time, know that my prayers are with you 🙂

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Had lunch with a dear friend yesterday, her words touched my heart and soul.  She thanked me for these posts because she said they were a blessing into her life.  I hope that… Continue reading

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thinkin’ SPRING !!!  Lily shot is from my garden, I love these flowers….

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Harvest time makes us pause and thank God how lucky we are to raise horses and be able to put up all our own hay for their winter feed.  This year we thought… Continue reading

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So by now you see I take pictures of some very random or ordinary things – but its what I love to fill my life with beautiful ordinary things – to feel so… Continue reading

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Looking forward never back is tough, especially when we have come through something painful or difficult.  We seem to like to dwell on it, ponder it, make sure we can’t change or fix… Continue reading

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So when snow comes to the north country – it can be downright beautiful and peaceful.  Yet it can be lonely too…its so quiet at times I have just stood in my yard… Continue reading

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From the seemingly small to overwhelming with just a spark…interesting.  Yet from my words I can build up or tear down with just a slip of syllables across my tongue I can do… Continue reading